"I'm wishing for a Mead Family Gold Club membership!"

There’s always that one person on your gift list. You know the one. Every idea for a gift you come up with just doesn’t quite fit. You’ve found the perfect Christmas sweater, but you don’t know their size. You’d get them a fruitcake, but that’s what you did last year. What to do?

I have a suggestion! This idea was given to me by a patient. This creative gift giver decided to give the gift of a healthy smile! She bought her daughter’s entire family a Mead Family Gold club membership! Now, the family will have 365 days of preventive dental care paid for and a great discount on any other dental services! For more details click here! Now that’s a gift that will be remembered all year long!

Want more information? Give the office a call at (989) 799-9133 or email Kathy at Kathy@meadfamilydental.com. If you’d like, we can come up with a nifty wrapped package and everything!

Happy Holidays and good luck with your gift giving!