Vintage alalrm clock on yellow backgroundThe Halloween decorations are still up, but not for too much longer. It’s still about ghosts and goblins for now, but soon it’s going to be more about turkey and stuffing.

I hear this noise. It’s a quiet, barely audible ticking. But it seems like it’s getting a little louder. And a little louder.

You see, although the calendar says we have 1/6th of the year left, it kind of lies. Because time in the last two months of the year becomes much more precious. The holidays bring their own special kind of busy. Whether it’s stocking up for a Thanksgiving feast or Christmas shopping for the grandkids, everything takes time.

If you’re anything like me…you’ve let things pile up. You’ve got a lot of things you were hoping to get done in 2017 and now we’re getting close to the end of the year.

A lot of you probably left some needed dental work until now. Now is the time you can use benefits without worrying about the fact that you “might need them for an emergency.” Your benefits run out at the end of this year and you’re leaving money on the table. You’ve already spent those dollars on premiums or spend downs. My friends, that money is gone.

If you’ve got benefits left and treatment that’s been diagnosed…it’s go time. It’s “let’s use the benefits we paid for time.” Let’s do this.

Call (989) 799-9133. As of now (November 1st…and counting) we’ve still got a little room on the schedule. But it’s going to fill up.

Do. Not. Wait.

That ticking you’re hearing…it’s going to get louder.

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