iStock_000018159844XSmallIt’s that time of year.

“What time of year is that? The time of year when we look forward to family time, turkey, football and gawdy Christmas sweaters?”

Well, yes. It’s that time of year, too. But I was thinking more of the time of year when you realize that you have dental benefits left. Since dental benefits are nothing like real insurance you realize that if you don’t use those benefits before the end of the year…they disappear. Where do they disappear?

Into the insurance company’s pockets!

I’m not trying to be a Scrooge here, but it’s true. Your dental “insurance” company would love it if you don’t come in until after New Year’s Day! That way, the benefits you were entitled to for 2013 are gone and they start the clock ticking on 2014. They’re hoping that maybe you’ll wait until the end of the year next year, too! On top of that, most dental benefit companies require that procedures involving lab work be placed before you can charge the dental benefits. And lab work takes time! You need to get in sooner rather than later to make sure you can be finished!

Christmas shopperThe holiday season is already tough. We’re in the office less in November and December because of the holidays. And you’ve got more stuff going on, too. So…make your appointment now! If you wait much longer, you’re going to run out of time! We’ve still got spots available to take care of your dental needs. But time is running out! Give us a call at (989) 799-9133 or use the “make an appointment online” link above and we’ll find a time for you in between making the stuffing and finding some really bad cologne for dad. Don’t let the ghost of dental benefit’s past catch up with you!