We’ve got the smallest waiting room I’ve ever seen in a dental office.

It’s a very nice waiting room.  It’s very colorful.  We’ve got a TV, lots of magazines and most importantly we have the friendliest and most entertaining front office ever.  All of which I’m quite proud of.  None of those things are the best part, though.

What I’m most proud of is that our patients spend so little time in there.  We only see one patient at a time.  If you have an appointment with me you’ll be the only patient that I’m seeing right then.  We run on time, often ahead of time.  So you probably won’t get to enjoy our comfortable reception area.  There are exceptions.  Sometimes patients have emergencies and we make sure to see those immediately.  But mostly it’s all about you.

Kind of like the TV’s in the treatment rooms so you can watch whatever you want.  Or that Shelly saw your sister at Meijer the other day.  Or that Kristy wants you to know how good your little one was for their first cleaning.  You’re the most important person at our practice and we make sure you know it!

I really love our cozy little reception area.  But you probably won’t get to enjoy it very long!