Let’s face it…no one likes needles.  Dental work is dreaded by many and for lots of them it’s all about the shot.  As a dentist I’m supposed to talk about “adequate anesthesia” and “profound numbness.”  I’m not supposed to mention the shot.  Good dentistry requires good pain control and that almost always means an injection of local anesthetic.  Which means…the needle.

I pride myself on being able to deliver anesthesia well.  But no matter how good I am there are some spots in the mouth where delivering anesthesia can be painful.  I think I’ve found the solution to this problem.  Enter the “STA.”


This computer controlled anesthesia unit works by delivering anesthetic so slowly that it sneaks in under the patient’s pain threshold.  I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t skeptical of this technology at first.  The company was so so sure of their product that they allowed us to try the unit out before getting one of our own.  My loyal staff/guinea pigs allowed me to give them shots with this machine to prove to ourselves that it really was painless.  To our surprise…it works as advertised!  I actually remained skeptical until I was able to have another dentist give me a shot with it just this weekend.  I can say from experience that I couldn’t feel when he was numbing me.  The other cool thing about being numbed by the STA is that your lip and tongue don’t get numb along with your tooth!  I’ve found a lot of technologies that haven’t really panned out for dentistry, but I have to say this one really delivers!

We think that the Mead Family Dental experience is pretty special.  This new technology is truly icing on the cake!  We’d love to have you come experience how comfortable and enjoyable taking care of your teeth can be!

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