Christmas-stories-twas-the-night-before-christmas-8 ‘Twas the week before Christmas with plans winding down.

Not a dentist was working, it seemed, in our town.

The stockings were hung, filled with presents and more,

when Johnny first noticed a new canker sore.

It was sore under his tongue and it hurt when he talked.

A glass of cold orange juice made him sit up and squawk!

He complained to his wife when she asked “what’s the matter?”

After screaming and dropping his glass, which then shattered.

The timing was awful with Christmas Eve the next day.

How would he manage? Christmas was looking quite gray.

She picked up the phone since she knew who to call.

And she dialed Dr. Mead with no worries at all.

Kathy picked up the phone with her usual cheer,

and let Johnny’s wife know “of course we are here!”

“We’ve got some time open, right now if that works.”

“Emergency appointments most times.” Oh my, what a perk!

She let Johnny know and she gave him the keys.

With a “put on your coat! It’s cold’ll freeze!”

He arrived at the office at a quarter past eight.

Shelly told him, “don’t sit down…there isn’t a wait!”

He walked past Sarah and Kelly and then he acknowledged,

they were cleaning the teeth of some kids home from college.

Polo-ralph-lauren-reinder-sweater Shelly commented on Johnny’s new bright Christmas sweater,

and told him she was sure we could make him feel better.

Doc popped into the room, with his face full of hope.

Then he looked at poor Johnny’s tongue with the new scope.

Doc looked up at Johnny, ‘twas a smile that he wore.

He said, “Johnny, what you’ve got is a plain canker sore.”

“I’ve had them myself, I know what shape your in,

but you can be sure we’ve got medicine.”

“I know the pain’s big though the lesion is small.

I’ve got just the thing.” as he grabbed some Debacterol.

In a moment they were done, Johnny felt great relief!

“I feel better already!” he said in disbelief.

“You guys rescued my Christmas! I thank you so much!”

Shelly said, “No problem. If you need us, be in touch.”

He felt so elated! His dentist’s office gave him reason!

They’re open regular hours all holiday season!

We wish you a lovely Christmas and New Year!

We want you to know that if you need us we’re here!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from all of us at Mead Family Dental to all of you!  Enjoy your holiday festivities, but if you need us…we’re here!

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(originally posted on Dec. 21, 2010)