Floss (1)

You probably don’t floss every day.

I don’t say this to be cruel. It’s just that research suggests that 60-90% of people don’t floss every day. So statistically I’m dead on. My experience as a dentist seeing real mouths and teeth most days makes me think that reality is closer to 10% floss daily. Or less. The same studies suggest that most everyone brushes daily.

Let’s be honest. Flossing is disgusting. You get stuff (anaerobic bacteria and their lovely smelling by-products) on your hands. If you aren’t careful, you can make your gums bleed. If you have active gum infection you might notice that your gums bleed when you brush, too. But even healthy gums can bleed if you’re not pretty good at flossing. And yes, I’m suggesting that you can become better at flossing with practice. Guaranteed.

On the other hand, when you brush your teeth you have delightful, minty breath whether you do a good job or not. Toothpaste makers have seen to that.

Minty, fresh goodness or bloody, smelly hands. Is it any wonder which one is more popular?

Note to floss companies: try to sell flossing as very sexy and people will floss more. Or tell people it will make their teeth whiter. (future headline: “Saginaw dentist sells out to floss producers!”)

So, yeah. Flossing isn’t as rewarding to you as brushing. Worse, it’s harder. But it’s really important. The places where floss reaches are all the places that your tootbrush can’t. And those places are probably the ones that need the cleaning the most.

Let’s break it down. Brushing a couple times a day but not flossing is pretty much like taking a shower every day but making sure not to wash your feet and armpits. I know. Nice visual. But totally true.

Are you one of the 50% that doesn’t floss? I hope I kind of grossed you out. If so, mission accomplished on my part.  So what should you do about it?

  1. read tomorrow’s post where I make flossing every day totally simple and straight forward.
  2. make an appointment for a cleaning at Mead Family Dental where you will be treated REALLY nicely, have an awesome cleaning and exam.  Plus, if you act now…you’ll receive at no extra charge…floss!  That’s right!  You can get some for the house, some for the car.  You’ll have some wherever you need it!  Call us at (989) 799-9133 or email me at alan@meadfamilydental.com.