Lan11 Now this isn't something you get to do every day!  This Saginaw dentist had the opportunity to testify before the Michigan House Health Policy committee!  This is a cross posting from another blog I maintain at  

House Bill 4192 is a proposition to change MAPS to allow for participating prescribers to request a report of their own controlled substance prescriptions.  This would allow for a prescriber to audit his patient records against all of the controlled substance prescriptions dispensed under their name. This would allow a practitioner to make sure no fraudulent prescriptions were being written under their name.

Several states including Colorado and Tennessee already allow this in the prescription drug monitoring program and the feedback that I've gotten is that it works great and has no discernible down side.

I was asked by the Michigan Dental Association to testify before the Michigan House Health Policy Committee.  This was a pretty amazing experience!  I sat in front of a microphone in a hearing room with Grace DeShaw-Wilner of the MDA and we explained to the committee why this legislation is a good thing for Michigan.  There were several questions asked and we answered them pretty well, I think.  The chair of the committee told us that she expected a committee vote by next week.

It was interesting to see how government really works.  I'm pretty confident that the House will support the bill, but I will keep you posted here!