“Hi…this is your tongue.  I know we don’t really talk very much.  I’m usually too busy chewing, talking or tasting things, but I’ve just got to get this off my chest, so to speak.

You know that tooth on the lower right that had a little piece break off?  Of course you know that you need to have it looked at, but you just haven’t had time.  Anyhow…you’re not thinking about it, but that happened more than a year ago.  Just a little FYI…that kind of thing won’t get better on its own. Actually, they have a way of getting worse.  Usually they don’t hurt until a holiday or vacation.  I sure would appreciate it if you have a dentist look at that thing.  It’s really tearing me up.

Oh…and while you’re there you could have the upper left checked out, too.  The molars are complaining constantly about getting food packed in between them.  Neither one of them wants a root canal although the uvula and I think that would be hilarious!  Molars are such whiners!

One other thing.  I’ve always wanted you to know that you’ve got great taste.  HA!  Get it, I’m your tongue and you’ve got great taste!  I slay myself!

O.K.  So get that stuff checked out, alright?  Thanks!”

Has your tongue been talking to you?  We can help with that!  Call (989) 799-9133 today and we’ll get you in to take a look right away.  Your tongue will thank you!