If you’re going to drink pop, here’s how you should do it.

I’m only kidding a little bit here.  Let me explain.

Pop has all kinds of acid in it.  Different pops have higher or lower pH, but all of them have a lot of acid.  Your teeth already have to deal with acid on a regular basis because sugars that you eat can be turned into acid by the tooth bugs that are already there.  Adding a bunch of sugary and acidic soda just makes it that much worse.

So stick with me here.  Each time you take a sip or a gulp of soda, the acid in it is attacking your teeth. Your saliva takes a certain amount of time to buffer that “acid attack” whether you just sipped or drank a whole can.

So do the math.  If it takes you an entire afternoon to sip yourself through a can of soda, you are having an almost constant acid attack for hours at a time.  If you drink like the guys above, then you have one acid attack and then your saliva can bring your mouth’s pH back to a normal healthy level.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly…this Saginaw dentist is giving you permission to guzzle.  Or better yet, have water instead.

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(Note to reader…do yourself a favor and do not search YouTube for “chugging.”)