I recently read an article that talked about why doctors don’t answer email from patients.  It seems that physicians felt they might be bombarded with questions and that they could not be paid enough for the time it took to answer email.I’m here to tell you that I would LOVE to answer any of your emails.  I promise that I won’t charge you anything for it.

A couple rules:

  1. As always, if you are having a dental emergency you can always reach either myself or one of my team members at (989) 488-7665.  If you leave a message there someone will return it quickly.
  2. If you have a question about your bill or your insurance you can reach our financial coordinator, Kathy, at or you can call the office during normal business hours.
  3. Any dental questions that you might have can be emailed to me (Dr. Mead) at  I’m online often, so your best bet for prompt attention is to email me!  If you are an existing patient I can view your chart from home or wherever I am, but it’s important for you to know that I’ve never done a root canal over the phone or taken an x-ray by email.  😉

I’d love to get your emails or comments!