Admit it!  You don’t smile like you used to. You cover your smile with your hand or you just plain look away when someone makes you laugh. You’re really self conscious of your teeth and you’d love to do something about it but you’re pretty sure that cosmetic dentistry is too expensive for you.

You may have had some bad experiences with dentists, too. Sometimes, we don’t listen very well and let’s face it…having your teeth worked on just plain SUCKS!

If this sounds like your experience, then I think we can help! My name is Alan Mead, and I’m a dentist in Saginaw. I’ve helped a lot of patients who have stories just like yours!

So what’s different about my office? Let me tell you about it:

  • no judgement: Dentists have a pretty bad reputation of scolding adults about not brushing enough, not flossing enough or just not coming in to see the dentist enough! Many people avoid the dentist for this very reason! If you decide to come see us, we’re glad! We’ll offer you suggestions and support, but we promise no scolding and no judgement!
  • No surprise” financial arrangements: Surprises are wonderful for your birthday, but not fun at all when you get an unexpected bill in the mail! We go to great lengths to explain what our customized treatment costs BEFORE you have treatment done. We work with many dental benefit plans and can help sort through the paperwork nightmare!
  • No dental insurance? No problem!: Our fees are competitive and we have payment plan options for all budgets. Also, we offer our “Gold Club” to those who want to have their preventive appointments covered and a great discount on the rest of their treatment!
  • comfortable treatment: We take your comfort seriously! If anesthesia is necessary, we have many options to make treatment painless and anxiety free!
  • cosmetic dentistry for regular people: it doesn’t have to cost a lot to make noticeable changes in your smile! We offer cosmetic dentistry to meet everyone’s needs, big or small!

If this sounds like something that could work for you I’d like to extend an invitation. I’m happy to give you a free “smile consultation.” You can come in, meet my amazing team and see if we’re the real deal. You can let me know about your past dental experiences. If you’d like, I’ll take a look around your mouth and give you some ideas about what we might be able to do for you. No obligation. No pressure. I’m pretty sure you’re going to like the experience…so come on in and give us a try!

Feel free to call the office at (989) 799-9133 or click “make an appointment online” above and let us know you’d like a free “smile consultation.” We’ll find a time to get to know you and see if you think we can help! You’ll be glad you did!