MI_Capital Sorry for no blogging so far this week. I've been busy preparing to testify before a Michigan senate committee on three bills that will benefit dentists and patients in Michigan!

  • senate bill 213: This bill would correct a loophole in the law that doesn't allow pharmacies to fill out of state prescriptions from dentists. Why is this important? Think or a patient living in the western Upper Peninsula who sees a dentist in Wisconsin. 
  • house bill 4192: This bill would amend the Michigan Automated Prescription System to allow a MAPS registered dentist/physician to check their own controlled substance prescriptions.
  • House Bill 4389: This bill would give retired dentists and podiatrists special immunity when working on indigent populations. This would allow retired dentists to work without having to purchase malpractice insurance. This is the same immunity that physicians currently have.

Why am I doing this? My experience with testifying before a Michigan house committee was really good. I feel strongly that this potential legislation is very positive. Having a practicing dentist speak about how the laws will affect patients and dentists in the state of Michigan lets these legislators see why the legislation is important. SOMEONE should let them know…why not me? Another dentist colleague of mine is going to be testifiying as well. I appreciate that Dr. Tom Poirier is coming too!

Stay tuned for more blogs! I have some pretty amazing things that I'm working. I can't wait to show them to you!