Friday gig
Our hours of operation at Mead Family Dental have been pretty much the same for a whole bunch of years.  They are: 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 8-1, 2-5 and Thursday 7-2.  

However, for several months now Shelly and I have been "moonlighting."  Many of our patients know that my dad is a dentist in Midland.  Just about every other Friday or so, Shelly and I bring our unique brand of delivering dental care to his office.  We usually work 7-noon or so.  We sometimes see our Saginaw patients who really need Friday appointments or those who would prefer that we use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for them.  We also see a lot of dad's patients.  It's pretty amazing how many of them have been coming to my dad as their dentist since before I was born!

So for those Saginaw patients who find that Fridays work better for them or perhaps you're just looking to take a road trip we'd be happy to see you on a Friday, too!  Just give us a call at (989) 799-9133 and ask Shelly or Kathy how to make a Friday appointment. 

(This post is dedicated to a certain Midland patient who gave me a gentle reminder that I'm not posting as often as I should on my website!  Thank you and you know who you are!)