O.K. So it’s not a REAL baby. The office just had a new digital panoramic x-ray machine installed and frankly it’s VERY exciting!

Now I am known to get excited over things that the average dental patient might not get that excited about. However, this high tech machine is bound to make your dental experience quicker and easier.

In 2007 our office switched to digital x-rays which use 1/5 as much radiation to take phenomenal images that appear instantly on a computer monitor. This machine is similar but takes an x-ray of your teeth and jaws within 5-7 seconds! A panoramic x-ray is useful in many situations:

  • shows wisdom teeth, even when they can’t be seen in the mouth!
  • it can show developing permanent teeth in kids of all ages
  • helps determine the need for braces
  • can show pathology (cysts, tooth infection, "extra" teeth or congenitally missing teeth) that often can’t be seen in other types of x-rays
  • patients who don’t tolerate films in their mouth can finally have a thorough but comfortable x-ray experience

Probably the best part about all of this is how easy it is to have a panoramic x-ray taken. The machine zips around the outside of your head (no uncomfortable film or sensors to bite on)in about 7 seconds with no discomfort. On top of that, the amount of radiation that a patient is exposed to is about 20% of a conventional film x-ray.

Most insurances cover a panoramic x-rays and Kathy can give you the details about your coverage.

For an appointment or more information about our panoramic x-ray machine or any services available at Mead Family Dental please email me at or call the office at (989) 799-9133. We’re happy to hear from existing patients as well as anyone just interested in their dental health!