where we're moving

The new office is just around the corner!

It’s true! Mead Family Dental is finally moving. We’ve been kicking it around for the last 5 years or so and finally found the right place! The new address is 3630 Shattuck Road. It’s less than a mile and half from our existing office, so it’s not a dramatic distance. But it’s going to be a real step up! We hope to be in by the end of the summer. We’re not 100% sure when, but you can check back here for updates! In the mean time, here’s the:

Top 10 reasons you should check out Mead Family Dental’s new office!

10) No more stairs

9) You’ve always wanted to know if dentists are any good at interior design

8) You’re a connoisseur of fine waiting rooms

7) You’ve had a broken tooth for 3 months and it just started hurting RIGHT NOW! (we can help with that)

6) Free wifi…duh.

5) Better jokes than 94.6% of all other dental offices

4) Huge TV in the waiting room (also all the treatment rooms…but you have to be a patient to see those)

3) Coffee.

2) Remarkable, high tech dentistry done by a friendly team that cares about you!

1) You want to see what the deal is with that goofy sign.

We’ve been working really hard on the new office and we’re really excited to show it to you! Make an appointment or just drop in to say, “hi!” We can’t wait to see you!