The New Yeawhite keyboard with easy buttonr brings renewal. Every year we think to ourselves…what am I going to do differently this year? And every year we make unrealistic resolutions about running 5 miles per day, losing 50 lbs and never eating fast food again.

This year should be different! If you’re going to make resolutions, why not make them the easy kind? I mean “falling off a log” easy. The kind where you almost can’t help but succeed. In the spirit of easy resolutions for the new year I give you three easy things you can do for healthier teeth this year.

  • Drink less sugar: It’s pretty trendy to be anti-sugar. I’m not someone who believes that all sugar is evil, but I think that moderation is a good idea. As a dentist, I tend to see sugar differently than dietitians. When you take sugar in, the bacteria (aka: bugs) in your mouth’s natural flora (aka: plaque) take that sugar in, too. The bugs turn this sugar into acid, and this acid starts to dissolve your teeth. So before the sugar ever makes into your bloodstream, we dentists are concerned about the acid that it’s creating in your mouth. Furthermore, the sugar found in drinks like soda and fruit juice is concentrated and easily absorbed by the bugs. Plus, people often sip these sugary beverages over a period of time, which creates an acid attack that lasts much longer. If you’re careful about the sugar in your beverages, you can make a big difference in the amount of acid those bugs can create! So instead of that 20oz. Coke or tall can of Red Bull, why not reach for something sugar free? Water is probably the best, but I won’t fault you for sugar free options like diet sodas and “Crystal Light-like” beverages as well. Carbonated beverages like diet sodas can cause a problem if you drink a lot of it, to be sure. But we’re interested in reducing your risk for cavities, not sainthood!
  • Pack of dental flossPut floss in the shower:  The second easy thing you can do to make your teeth healthier this year is putting floss in your shower. That’s all. Just put it in your shower. I’m not talking loose pieces of floss or anything. Just put the spool somewhere that won’t get too wet, preferably next to your shampoo. Every time you take your shower, you’re going to look at that spool of floss. Maybe you’ll just look at it. But probably you’ll realize that brushing your teeth alone only stirs up 60% of the bugs on your teeth. If you snuck some floss in between those teeth a few times per week, you’d be making a change for the better. I mean, you’re already in the shower washing up your other parts, why not take a minute to clean up the spots in between your teeth?
  • Sugarless gum or mints:  The last easy thing you can do for healthier teeth is sugarless gum. Or mints. Whatever makes your hair fly back. If you chew sugarless gum or suck on a sugarless mint for 5 minutes (but only five minutes) after meals and snacks you can stimulate your mouth’s natural clean up crew! Chewing sugarless gum stimulates your saliva glands to go to work. Stimulating your saliva flow can stop acid damage caused by the bugs in your mouth as well as acidy foods. And all you have to do is enjoy delicious sugarless gum or mints! See, I told you. Super easy!

So put down the barbells and diet books and realize that success in New Year’s resolutions is three easy steps!

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