"LOL! I need an appt 2day!"

We saw a new patient recently. She had a dental emergency and her current dentist wasn’t able to get her in. She contacted us through the internet by clicking on the “Make an Appointment Online” button at the upper right of any page of our website. She indicated that she preferred to be contacted by text message. So I text messaged her telling her that we could make some room for her at the end of the day. Her reply?

“Oh my goodness! Are you serious! I’ll take the appointment!”

She remarked to Kathy (the most amazing and talented front office/office manager/dental insurance ninja/patient hand holder that any dentist office could have) that she couldn’t believe she was texting back and forth with the dentist.

If I had my way, I’d never make another phone call. I love¬†email. It serves my needs perfectly. Text messaging also holds a warm place in my heart. Our office uses GoogleTalk throughout the day and I Facebook chat very often, too. Some folks have no time for communicating over the internet and much prefer a phone call. We understand.

We use this, too.

We want to make your dental experience fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. I realize that’s a tall order, but one way we accomplish this is by fitting the way you like to keep in touch. We’re happy to email, text message, call you on the phone or send you a letter. Whatever you like best is what we’ll do. Just let us know. If it helps you keep your teeth healthy, we’ll do it. One thing, though…I have to admit, my semaphore is very rusty and smoke signals are against fire code. Sorry about that.

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