No cavities I previously explained what I mean by a "boring dental patient."  No offense intended.  I think you should be amazing and interesting in all other facets of your life.  Stay dentally boring if you can.  

You tell me I've had a perfect dental history.  Why do I need to keep seeing the dentist?

Your perfect history definitely makes you a low risk for further dental problems.  But if things change we want to be able to catch dental problems really early.  What kind of change am I talking about?

  • medical changes:  Let's say you're diagnosed with hypertension.  Your physician puts you on a medication to control your blood pressure.  A major side effect of this and many other medications is a dry mouth.  A dry mouth increases your risk for tooth decay.  As your risk increases we want to make sure we're seeing you as often as ever so if problems occur we can catch them really early.
  • dietary changes: I was cavity free before I left for college.  I had cavities by the end of my freshman year.  I drank more pop and sweetened beverages and ate more sugary foods.  It's what college students do.  My diet changed and my risk for tooth decay went up.  
  • natural changes due to age:  Whether we want to believe it or not, we're all getting older.  Your natural saliva flow is reduced as you get older.  Older patients are also much more likely to be on multiple medications.  Both of these things increase your risk for tooth decay.

It doesn't make me happy to rain on the parade of someone with perfect teeth.  Your history does mean that you're less likely to have problems.  But we won't know if we don't check!

Whether you have perfect teeth or you're an "interesting case," we'll be here for you!  I want to be your Saginaw dentist.  If you have questions or would like to make an appointment call the office at (989) 799-9133 or email me at  I always answer my own emails!