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Mead Family Dental participates in Michigan’s first dental Mission of Mercy

MoM-LogoOur office will be closed Thursday, June 6th and Friday June 7th because we will be participating in the Michigan Dental Association’s “Mission of Mercy.” This amazing project will be held at Saginaw Valley State University on Friday and Saturday of this week. The goal of the Mission of Mercy is to provide dental treatment to 2000 people in two days…for free! Dentists, dental hygienists and assistants from all over the state will converge on Saginaw to volunteer their time and abilities to provide dental treatment at no cost! This is Michigan’s first Mission of Mercy and the MDA has been planning it for more than a year!

Please spread the word! If you are interested in being a patient you can read more information at the Michigan Dental Association’s FAQ page. Registration for volunteering at the Mission of Mercy has closed, but you can be put on a waiting list by emailing the coordinator here. Include your name, volunteer type (dentist, hygienist, general volunteer, etc.), email address and a phone number so the MDA can contact you at if any cancellations occur.

We’ll be back to normal on Monday, June 10th! Thanks for your understanding!

Hermey the elf…a dentist’s inspiration

“Well sir, someday I’d like be a…a dentist!”


“Well, we need one up here! I’ve been studying. It’s fascinating. You’ve no idea! Molars and bicuspids and incisors!”

“Now listen you, you’re an elf! And elves make toys! Now…get to work!”

I submit that Hermey the elf embodies all that is good about humanity. Hermey followed his dream at great sacrifice to himself.

Hermey, I salute you!



Every day things


So we’ve determined that you probably don’t floss. There’s no shame in this. You understand there’s a problem, you’re willing to change. As long as it’s easy.

It is.

“How can this be?” you ask. You just finished telling me that most people don’t floss. Now you’re saying it’s easy?

Yeah. Kind of. Flossing is definitely tougher and more time consuming than brushing. Or at least the way most of us brush. The old “20-seconds-scrubbing-like-you’re-cleaning-tile-grout” routine is a cake walk. You should actually spend more time and be more gentle, but that’s a post for another day.

This video describes the “how to” as well as any video I’ve seen.

One thing that this video does not suggest strongly enough is how gentle you need to be when sliding floss between the teeth. Many people have tight contacts between their teeth. To avoid a painful and sometimes bloody experience you need to use a gentle “sawing” motion when sliding the floss into a tight contact. If you let it snap, it’s going to hurt, it might bleed and you’ll decide you don’t like to floss. Go very slowly at first. Excruciatingly slow. Until you get the hang of it and know where your tight contacts are, take your time.

We’ve described how to floss correctly, but we haven’t made it easy for you to floss yet. It needs to be as normal and regular as jumping in the shower, right? So what is Mead’s magic solution to make it this easy?

Keep your floss in the shower.

Most people have a showering ritual that they go through every day. If you can add flossing to this ritual, you’ve got it made! So leave a spool of floss on the same shelf you keep your soap and shampoo. It will be just one more thing you do before your done showering.

I suggest flossing first. “Why?” you ask. Well, we’ve already discussed that flossing is pretty gross. You need to rinse your mouth and wash your hands afterward because your goal is to remove the remnants of bacteria slime from in between your teeth. So if you floss first, you’ll get the nastiness out of the way. You can rinse your mouth and wash your hands and get on with the rest of your routine.

If you’ll do this I promise you that it will become a habit. If you can make it a habit, you will have healthier teeth and gums and all of your interaction with the dentist will be happy and cordial with a lot less needles and drills.

Let me interject that I recommend brushing your teeth before you jump into the shower and rinsing with an over the counter fluoride rinse after you’re done, too.  If you shower in the morning before breakfast and coffee you need to hold off on the fluoride rinse. You shouldn’t eat or drink anything for 30 minutes after using an OTC fluoride rinse.

So there you have it. You can make flossing a habit using this little trick. It’s how I did it and I’ve had patients tell me that it’s worked for them.

Did you make this work? Do you have another way to help make flossing a habit? I’d love to hear how! Comment on this post or email me at and I’ll be sure to get back to you! Would you like to become one of my patients? Email me or call the office at (989) 799-9133. I promise we’ll take good care of you and treat you really well. That’s what this Saginaw dentist does!

This is how you should drink pop…

If you’re going to drink pop, here’s how you should do it.

I’m only kidding a little bit here.  Let me explain.

Pop has all kinds of acid in it.  Different pops have higher or lower pH, but all of them have a lot of acid.  Your teeth already have to deal with acid on a regular basis because sugars that you eat can be turned into acid by the tooth bugs that are already there.  Adding a bunch of sugary and acidic soda just makes it that much worse.

So stick with me here.  Each time you take a sip or a gulp of soda, the acid in it is attacking your teeth. Your saliva takes a certain amount of time to buffer that “acid attack” whether you just sipped or drank a whole can.

So do the math.  If it takes you an entire afternoon to sip yourself through a can of soda, you are having an almost constant acid attack for hours at a time.  If you drink like the guys above, then you have one acid attack and then your saliva can bring your mouth’s pH back to a normal healthy level.

Yes, you’re reading this correctly…this Saginaw dentist is giving you permission to guzzle.  Or better yet, have water instead.

Questions or comments about this post?  Email me at  I always answer my own emails!

(Note to reader…do yourself a favor and do not search YouTube for “chugging.”)


Kissing-3 You just had your teeth cleaned.  The doctor is about to examine your teeth and you're crossing your fingers.   The mantra "don't find anything" runs through your head over and over again.  It's a roll of the dice.  Will he find cavities or not?

Most patients think of cavities as an occasional inconvenience that their dentist finds.  A random stroke of bad luck that means another appointment or two with the doctor.  But really tooth decay or dental caries is a disease that is spread similarly to the common cold.  

Tooth decay bugs are spread by oral transmission.  Basically we mean direct contact (kissing) or indirect contact (sharing a glass or spoon).  If you swap saliva in some way, you're sharing cavity bugs.  I know, I know…it's gross.  But let's face it, we human beings tend to kiss on each other (and our babies) and sometimes share glasses or silverware.  We need to be careful who we're sharing with!  Does that new boyfriend you're kissing have any cavities that need attention?  Are you spreading your cavity bugs to that newborn baby?  

In a previous post I described a cavity as a hole in the tooth created by the acid waste products of bacteria.  That much is true, but we're not talking about a clean and sterile hole in the tooth.  This hole is actually a perfect place for cavity causing (acid loving) bugs to live and reproduce.  Each cavity is actually a nidus (or nest) of infection.  

 So after you've thoroughly brushed and flossed your teeth or even after a cleaning by your dental hygienist when all the surface plaque and bacteria has been removed an unrestored cavity is a hideout for cavity bugs.  These bad bugs can reinfect your clean mouth in a matter of hours.  

What I'm saying is…you really shouldn't wait to take care of tooth decay.  It isn't as simple as just fixing the hole that's there.  That hole is a bacterial hideout of the worst kind that's waiting to reinfect your clean mouth and infect the people who are closest to you.  

Now that I've sufficiently grossed you out doesn't that make you want to have a dentist make sure you don't have any bacterial nests lurking in your teeth?  I'd be happy to help you toward a clean bill of dental health!  If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment email me at or call the office at (989) 799-9133 and we'll take a look right away!

The Toothbrush Family

I was remembering a cartoon series about a family of toothbrushes.  There was a toothbrushing song that had stuck in my mind for 30 years ago and I finally googled it.  The cartoon is called "The Toothbrush Family."  And here is the song!  Enjoy!

Listen to Whoopi!

“Dentistry has changed so much.”

“There’s no tooth fairy for adults!”

Doesn’t it make you want to get your teeth cleaned?

Appointments available immediately! (989) 799-9133 😉