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Happy Independence Day!

IStock_000000923564XSmallAll of us at Mead Family Dental wish you a happy and healthy 4th of July weekend.  I'd like to extend a huge thank you to our patients for trusting us to take care of your oral health.  To those who haven't experienced the Mead Family Dental difference we invite you to call us at (989) 799-9133 or email me at and make an appointment! We'd be happy to serve you!

And be careful with those fireworks!  (This novel technique is not recommended by Mead Family Dental!  Also…what do you tell the tooth fairy?)

Pulling a Tooth WIN – watch more funny videos

My Friday gig

Friday gig
Our hours of operation at Mead Family Dental have been pretty much the same for a whole bunch of years.  They are: 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday: 8-1, 2-5 and Thursday 7-2.  

However, for several months now Shelly and I have been "moonlighting."  Many of our patients know that my dad is a dentist in Midland.  Just about every other Friday or so, Shelly and I bring our unique brand of delivering dental care to his office.  We usually work 7-noon or so.  We sometimes see our Saginaw patients who really need Friday appointments or those who would prefer that we use nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for them.  We also see a lot of dad's patients.  It's pretty amazing how many of them have been coming to my dad as their dentist since before I was born!

So for those Saginaw patients who find that Fridays work better for them or perhaps you're just looking to take a road trip we'd be happy to see you on a Friday, too!  Just give us a call at (989) 799-9133 and ask Shelly or Kathy how to make a Friday appointment. 

(This post is dedicated to a certain Midland patient who gave me a gentle reminder that I'm not posting as often as I should on my website!  Thank you and you know who you are!)

Can medicine learn something from dentistry?


This article suggests that maybe it can.  The author brings up some very valid points about the lack of prevention in medical treatment.  

Dentistry is all about prevention.  Regular visits to see the hygienist can reduce the time you need to spend in the dentist's chair.  Most of the new technology that we use in our office (digital x-rays, magnification, hi res photography) is geared toward finding problems when they are small so they can be taken care of before they get big.

Many of our patients have recently lost their dental benefits.  I've heard from a lot of people that I won't be seeing them unless they have a problem.  Although I understand where they're coming from I'm afraid this is an expensive way to go.  Usually it's the noticeable dental problems that are the expensive ones!  The least expensive services in our office (regular visits and exams) probably pay off the most by allowing us to find problems when they're small.

Do you have your next dental visit scheduled?  If you're wondering when you're due give us a call at (989) 799-9133!

Dec 1…power outage!

We're closed today due to a power outage!  We apologize for any inconvenience and we're hoping to get back to the important task of saving smiles tomorrow…December 2nd!

If you're having a dental emergency make sure to email me at or call the emergency number at (989) 488-7665!

New location survey

We’re in the early stages of finding a new location for Mead Family Dental! We want to deliver the same great service and dental care in a new office.

We’re considering a building in Freeland for the new location. What we want to know from our patients is whether or not you would continue to come to us for your dental care if we relocated to Freeland. We’re in the process of gathering this information and we want to hear from you!

You can let us know what you think in two ways:

  • Email: you can email us at Just give us your name and let us know if you’re O.K. moving the office to Freeland.
  • Phone: call (989) 785-0406 and let us know on the voicemail (it’s a local call, but it’s an internet phone number so you have to dial "1").

Click here if you would like to calculate the distance to our proposed new office location. Put your address in the box marked "A" and click the button that says "get directions." Also please note that Google Maps generally overestimates the time that it takes to travel from one point to another.

Thanks for your input!

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