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The Clock is Ticking

Vintage alalrm clock on yellow backgroundThe Halloween decorations are still up, but not for too much longer. It’s still about ghosts and goblins for now, but soon it’s going to be more about turkey and stuffing.

I hear this noise. It’s a quiet, barely audible ticking. But it seems like it’s getting a little louder. And a little louder.

You see, although the calendar says we have 1/6th of the year left, it kind of lies. Because time in the last two months of the year becomes much more precious. The holidays bring their own special kind of busy. Whether it’s stocking up for a Thanksgiving feast or Christmas shopping for the grandkids, everything takes time.

If you’re anything like me…you’ve let things pile up. You’ve got a lot of things you were hoping to get done in 2017 and now we’re getting close to the end of the year.

A lot of you probably left some needed dental work until now. Now is the time you can use benefits without worrying about the fact that you “might need them for an emergency.” Your benefits run out at the end of this year and you’re leaving money on the table. You’ve already spent those dollars on premiums or spend downs. My friends, that money is gone.

If you’ve got benefits left and treatment that’s been diagnosed…it’s go time. It’s “let’s use the benefits we paid for time.” Let’s do this.

Call (989) 799-9133. As of now (November 1st…and counting) we’ve still got a little room on the schedule. But it’s going to fill up.

Do. Not. Wait.

That ticking you’re hearing…it’s going to get louder.

Did this make you feel urgent? Are you feeling like you need to get some dental work done? I’d love to hear about it! You can share any Mead Family Dental post with a “Like” on Facebook, a “+1″ on Google+ or you can even “Tweet” it with Twitter! All you need to do is hover over the heart shaped button next to the title of the post. Or you can leave a comment by clicking on the balloon shaped icon next to the title.

If you’re looking for a dentist in Saginaw, we’re always happy to accept new patients! You can request an appointment online or call the office at (989) 799-9133. And, as always, you can email me at I always answer my own emails!

Ghost of Benefits Past

iStock_000018159844XSmallIt’s that time of year.

“What time of year is that? The time of year when we look forward to family time, turkey, football and gawdy Christmas sweaters?”

Well, yes. It’s that time of year, too. But I was thinking more of the time of year when you realize that you have dental benefits left. Since dental benefits are nothing like real insurance you realize that if you don’t use those benefits before the end of the year…they disappear. Where do they disappear?

Into the insurance company’s pockets!

I’m not trying to be a Scrooge here, but it’s true. Your dental “insurance” company would love it if you don’t come in until after New Year’s Day! That way, the benefits you were entitled to for 2013 are gone and they start the clock ticking on 2014. They’re hoping that maybe you’ll wait until the end of the year next year, too! On top of that, most dental benefit companies require that procedures involving lab work be placed before you can charge the dental benefits. And lab work takes time! You need to get in sooner rather than later to make sure you can be finished!

Christmas shopperThe holiday season is already tough. We’re in the office less in November and December because of the holidays. And you’ve got more stuff going on, too. So…make your appointment now! If you wait much longer, you’re going to run out of time! We’ve still got spots available to take care of your dental needs. But time is running out! Give us a call at (989) 799-9133 or use the “make an appointment online” link above and we’ll find a time for you in between making the stuffing and finding some really bad cologne for dad. Don’t let the ghost of dental benefit’s past catch up with you!

6 Months from Christmas

iStock_000020505277XSmallDental benefits make us do weird things. No, seriously. Because most dental benefits have a certain amount that they’ll allow each year, patients feel like they need to wait.

“I know I need a crown replaced on the upper right, but what happens if I break a tooth on some popcorn? Maybe I’ll just wait until the end of the year so I know I’ll have my dental benefits left then.”

Since Christmas is 6 months away today, here’s an gift to you. Four reasons why you shouldn’t wait until the end of the year to have your dental work done.

  • Most dental problems don’t get better on their own: It’s human nature to think maybe if we ignore the problem, it will get better. Acting like it’s no big deal that you can’t eat ice cream without almost crying doesn’t fix the problem. Also, broken fillings don’t miraculously replace themselves. You need to get these things taken care of.
  • Summer is pretty leisurely around here: Right now, we’ve got time for you. Lots of people are vacationing and spending time up north. So this dental office is more flexible with appointment times than we are from about October until the end of the year.
  • Most dental benefits are “use it or lose it”: Dental benefit companies understand human nature much better than regular folks. By only allowing a certain amount of benefit per year, they encourage you to wait on treatment. Because, you never know… “Maybe if I just get by until November I can be sure I won’t have an expensive dental emergency that I didn’t plan for.” So, a certain percentage of folks with dental benefits will wait. And some of them just keep waiting. The dental benefit companies love this, because they’ve already been paid their premium, and if you don’t end up using your benefits for the year because you’re waiting…they win!
  • We’re going to be closed between Christmas and New Year: Our office has prided itself on being open through the holidays for years. In fact, I even wrote a poem about it a couple years ago. We’ve been planning and working really hard on our new office this year, so we’re taking some time off in December. Which means our “end of the year rush” time just got shorter. It’s going to be a lot less likely that we can accomodate last minute “I need to use my benefits up” rush this year.

Jingle BellWhat I’m saying is…let’s take care of your dental stuff now. If it makes you feel any better I’ll wear a red and white hat and play holiday music.

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If you’re looking for a dentist in Saginaw, we’re always happy to accept new patients! You can request an appointment online or call the office at (989) 799-9133. And, as always, you can email me at I always answer my own emails!

A holiday thank you!

likeWe started our holiday “like drive” back in November and we added 75 new “likes” to our Facebook page! We donated $150 to the Saginaw area Toys for Tots in honor of our new Facebook fans!

Thanks for the “likes” and thanks for keeping in touch!

Mead Family Dental “likes” Toys for Tots!

The holiday season is here! And with it comes giving. Here at Mead Family Dental, we’re going to be giving to Toys for Tots in Saginaw…and you can help! For each new “like” we receive on our Mead Family Dental Facebook page, we’ll donate $2 to Toys for Tots! So how can you help? Click here to go to our Facebook page. All you have to do is click the “Like” button on our page and we’ll donate $2 to Toys for Tots! Hooray!

As I write this post, we have 284 likes. So for each like over 284 from today (Monday, November 19th, 2012) until Christmas (Tuesday, December 25th 2012) we’ll donate to Toys for Tots*. While you’re there, you should check us out. We post fun and interesting stuff up there all the time. If you’re one of our satisfied customers and you want to tell the world, you could leave us a review right there on our Facebook page! By liking a Facebook page, you’re inviting us to show up on your Facebook wall occasionally. I take that permission seriously and I promise not to junk your wall up with lame stuff…seriously!

Now some of you may be thinking, “Well, Dr. Mead. I want to get in on the holiday cheer but I’ve already liked your Facebook page…what about me?” I’m not going to leave you out in the cold either!  You can share this post or our Facebook page with friends so they can “like” us, too! See, everyone wins!

Help spread our some holiday cheer and get great dental information as well! Go “like” us today and help Toys for Tots in Saginaw!



*up to $1000.

Celebrating Memorial Day

213memorialday All of us here at Mead Family Dental would like to wish you a safe and healthy Memorial Day 2012. We’re grateful for those who served in uniform and we remember those who died for the cause.

Be safe and keep in touch.

3 easy resolutions

It’s the time of year for resolutions again. The problem with resolutions is that they’re usually too hard to keep. We usually ask too much of ourselves or they don’t really fit into our lifestyle.

So instead of resolving to eat nothing but lettuce for the entirety of 2012 or reducing your carbon footprint by 95% you might try one (or all) of these.

Start small. Make the whole resolution thing nice and easy. You’ll feel better about yourself and then maybe next year you can resolve to swear off using the letter “S”. Or whatever makes you feel good.

All of us at Mead Family Dental wish you and yours a wonderful and prosperous new year. If you’re looking for a dentist in Saginaw or just have any questions for me, feel free to drop me an email at We’re looking forward to serving you in 2012!

Give the gift of healthy teeth and gums!

"I'm wishing for a Mead Family Gold Club membership!"

There’s always that one person on your gift list. You know the one. Every idea for a gift you come up with just doesn’t quite fit. You’ve found the perfect Christmas sweater, but you don’t know their size. You’d get them a fruitcake, but that’s what you did last year. What to do?

I have a suggestion! This idea was given to me by a patient. This creative gift giver decided to give the gift of a healthy smile! She bought her daughter’s entire family a Mead Family Gold club membership! Now, the family will have 365 days of preventive dental care paid for and a great discount on any other dental services! For more details click here! Now that’s a gift that will be remembered all year long!

Want more information? Give the office a call at (989) 799-9133 or email Kathy at If you’d like, we can come up with a nifty wrapped package and everything!

Happy Holidays and good luck with your gift giving!

Hermey the elf…a dentist’s inspiration

“Well sir, someday I’d like be a…a dentist!”


“Well, we need one up here! I’ve been studying. It’s fascinating. You’ve no idea! Molars and bicuspids and incisors!”

“Now listen you, you’re an elf! And elves make toys! Now…get to work!”

I submit that Hermey the elf embodies all that is good about humanity. Hermey followed his dream at great sacrifice to himself.

Hermey, I salute you!



Happy “Dental Appointment Tuesday!”

You’ve heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This year I heard all about “Small Business Saturday” and I even did my part by shopping at a great little bike shop in downtown Midland. I’ve decided to start a new holiday tradition: Dental Appointment Tuesday!

O.K. Stay with me here. I know it’s easy to get burned out on holiday cheer. However, it’s even easier to forget to keep up with preventive dental visits! Preventive visits (a.k.a.: getting your teeth cleaned) are perhaps the most important way to keep your teeth healthy. If you have your teeth checked a couple times per year it’s much easier to catch problems when they’re small. And remember, small problems are a) less expensive and b) less painful.

So what do you have to do to participate in the holiday extravaganza that is “Dental Appointment Tuesday?” On this Tuesday, November 29th, double check to make sure you have your next preventive dental visit scheduled. If you do, you’ve already had a great Dental Appointment Tuesday! If you don’t have an appointment scheduled, call your dentist to set one up! So there you have it! Celebrating Dental Appointment Tuesday is as easy as checking your calendar or making a phone call. Now you can feel good that you’re doing the right thing for your teeth and your health!

Dental Appointment Tuesday is also a great reminder for those who have dental benefits that run out at the end of the year to make sure you get any work that you were planning on for 2011 scheduled! You’ll have just over a month to get it done, so call your dentist before they run out of appointments!

So here’s to a new tradition! Dental Appointment Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, is a great way to make sure you’re keeping up with preventive dental appointments!

What’s that? You say you don’t have a dentist? Well, we’d love to be your Saginaw dentist! Call the office at (989) 799-9133, click on the “make an appointment online” link above or email me at: I always answer my own email, so feel free to drop me a line with any questions!

Enjoy your holiday season and Happy Dental Appointment Tuesday!


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