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The Toothbrush Family

I was remembering a cartoon series about a family of toothbrushes.  There was a toothbrushing song that had stuck in my mind for 30 years ago and I finally googled it.  The cartoon is called "The Toothbrush Family."  And here is the song!  Enjoy!

We’ve got wifi now.


So you’re thinking, “O.K., Mead.  You’re high tech.  You’ve got digital cameras, digital x-rays, TV’s in the rooms and all the cool gadgets but…why can’t I get on my computer with wifi?”

My only answer: now you can!

Just ask for a guest log in and password and you can merge into the information superhighway and have your teeth whitened at the same time!

Happy Halloween!

ARRRG Kathy, our office manager, just wanted you to know that we "arrr" here for you when you need us!

Also, we'd like you to review some of our previous posts prior to digging into all of your Halloween "booty."

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