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Coronavirus and Your Dental Health

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I’m writing this on March 16, 2020. Most of you probably know that the United States (and let’s face it, the whole world) is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. There is lots to say about it, but let me give you the basics about what our office is doing about it.

Due to the evolving coronavirus situation we are postponing all but emergency treatment until further notice.

We are postponing all scheduled elective appointments including hygiene visits. We will continue to be available to patients of record for emergency appointments only.

Patients who believe they are having a dental emergency can contact us by:

Phone:  Call the office at (989)799-9133 and leave a message (we will be checking it frequently)

Email:    email us at

Emergency Line: Call the emergency line to contact Dr. Mead at home: (989) 488-7665

Why are we doing this? Here’s how I see the problem. Exposure of the coronavirus is likely to happen to all of us over time. That’s scary enough on its own. But the even scarier part is that there appears to be an incubation period of time where you will show no symptoms after you’ve been infected. 

The CDC is ordering that any dental work done on a patient with coronavirus be done under very specific conditions. We’re supposed to use specific masks (N95?) which are unavailable at this time. Apparently our current personal protective equipment is not sufficient. Dental work (hygiene and restorative dentistry) creates a bunch of aerosols.

If we’re creating a bunch of aerosols on patients that may or may not have exposure to the coronavirus and we’re not supposed to work on them without specific equipment that we don’t have and cannot get…we cannot really be doing routine dental work on people.

It’s really the only responsible thing to do right now.

We LOVE our patients at Mead Family Dental and once we’re clear of these risks we will be back up and running! So stay tuned!